-=Science fit=- by Raiku

-=Science fit=-


8 May 2014 at 16:41:45 MDT

Well here's manapuddingfox manapuddingfox's Sam showing off how she can work out for only a few days and can bulk up no problem. ....though using body altering chems as a short cut is kind of cheating... Blurgh bad at drawing this stuff but it's still neat and fun to do sometimes.

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    I am so very buff and strooooooooooong :3
    It's not cheating! I made the potion after all! ^ ^

    You should play around more with buff stuff :3

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      So buff, so soft, so strong, and able to get bigger with ease! Sam could down the whole bottle and be a cuddly beefcake~<3 Well, it's not REALLY cheating, but it is cheating in a traditional sense =B

      Yeah I know...I might work on a buff Saul. Then you can poke around with that too =B He is putty in your paws (literally!).

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    snickers I love the idea of having the title "Cuddly beefcake" when buff :B

    Heeeeee~ Buff Saul~ OH GOSH. Can I also try drawing him as so? I just got a mental picture of him in a specific shape (though it wouldn't make sense with his usual shape @w@) cooooooos I love that putty goo ball~ ^ ^

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      Hehehehehe! But it's so true!!!

      Wuh? Oh you don't have to ask =P You know you have total blank check options ^^