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So hi! :3

My name's Raevis. For the most part you can go with Rae, though.

I am a babyfur, a writer, a gamer, and a trans-female. <3 I'm also into a lot of weird things.
A lot of my friends call me a mom. >3>

My fav. colours are orange, purple, and green. <3

Uhhhh.... beyond that, ask me stuff. xD I can chat pretty easily~

The Banner image was done by chudilydoo chudilydoo!



Latest Journal

Yoooo people migrating from FA

Another fur, Git, made this hand li'l tool to go through your watchlist and find anyone who has the same username that they had back on FA. :3 It's not exactly perfect (like Ivan), but it's a good start to rebuilding who ya wanna watch on your new site~

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    thank you for the fav! ^///^

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    I be mpreg'n too saee!!

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      Good! :D More round bellies to rub and love on c:

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    The followings!! But my oage be empty...though for now...
    Thanks still!!

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      It's good that it's only a for now :3 Means I'll be in prime position to see it all later~

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        If I ever get to updating it. XD
        Most of my stuff is over on FA.

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    Thank you very much for faving my artwork! :D

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    Hi, thank you for faving my art~ ;u;