Massive Momma by RaddaRaem

Massive Momma


25 September 2016 at 14:53:30 MDT

Art courtesy of Mirina!

"It's jUUURRFF-" The aging Eevee's mouth opened wide as a boisterous belch forced its way past her rippling lips. Her stomach sagged forward and came to scrape against the ground as the gaseous pressure within it only continued to build. "It's just only getting worse!" Sheri worriedly remarked as her deepening feminine baritone thrummed through her own fluffy form.

Her condition was worsening day by day. Every little thing, no matter how minor, triggered any number of the latent Eeveelutions within Sheri. The waning afternoon sunshine filtering in through the windows roused her Espeon evolutionary line to life. She could feel the Everstone buried in her flab radiate with a gentle warmth as it denied her body's attempts to evolve and transform. The energy her body had mustered to undergo the process still lingered within her however and accumulated within her ample ass cheeks. Rips and pops sounded out as her blue jeans split apart at the seams. There was more flesh spilling over and out of the colored denim than there was contained within it.

Not like her top was holding up any better. Her pink blouse's sleeves had all but evaporated away as it was overwhelmed by a flood of flesh. The buttons running down its center held valiantly even though her ballooning breasts insisted otherwise.

Sheri grunted when a puff registered in her fennec ears. The humidifier, tucked away into the corner of the living room, expelled faint clouds of moisture into the dry air-conditioned room. "Ooooogggggghhh..." Cheeks puffed out, Sheri tried to hold in the monstrous burp building within her sloshing gut. The warmth of her ever-active Everstone flared back up as the Vaporeon evolutionary line tried to assert itself at the first hint of water. The Eevee's gut instead violently gurgled in between heaving spurts of swelling that explosively burst apart the button holding her jeans together by the waist. Torrent of furred fat forced the zipper down as unfurling wrinkles of denim scraped against the carpet fibers lining the floor.

"Celia! Celia will know what to do," the middle-aged mother reminded herself as her spoken word came to crater in octave. Surely her daughter would be able to help her! Reaching for her phone atop the coffee table, unsurprisingly, traces of the potential Jolteon within her were roused awake by the mere presence of the electronic device. Traces of her pants were all that remained as clothing herself became a suggestion, an ideal to short for, rather than something she could feasibly hope to achieve. Sheri's hips bwoomped out wider than she was tall. What traces of her ankles disappeared as they became one with her calves. Her paws, swollen from holding aloft tonnage upon tonnage of Eevee, burned hot as they continued to expand in size, length, and width. Sheri shyly scrunched a toe while her fattening feet overtook a cute pair of summer sandals that would struggle to cover so much as a single padded toe.

"Mmmfff..." her eyes went wide at the realization that the phone swallowed up by her puffy palm was eclipsed in size by but a single finger. "Oh, bother! Should have finished setting up the voice commands with Spiri on this thing!" She huffed and shook her hand side to side to side along her soft wrist while pleading for the Rotom powered AI assistant to come to life.

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    Oh, very nice. Would love to see more stories like this!

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      I plan to keep writing them! :3

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        Nice! Would love to see a continuation of this story as well, maybe with her evolving but maintaining her burping tendencies and chub.

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          She'll be staying as an Eevee but she'll keep on chubbing, swelling, and burping plenty more in the future!

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            Well, hopefully she can at least be comfortable! Would hate to have any character be overly uncomfortable.

            Though I do have to ask, wouldn't a stone be needed for most eeveelutions? And if not, why is her body so eager to evolve?

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              She'll be fine! A little uneasy at first getting used to growing taller and a little bit wider but she'll get used to it! Sheri's deal is that she's been an Eevee for so long that she is no longer really able to evolve. A previous story I posted goes into that in a little detail where when she fiddles with some of the evolution stones her body tries to evolve but is plainly unable to. From there her condition exacerbates to that when she interacts with any of the elements one would associate with any of the other Eeveelutions it reawakens her body's attempts to finish evolving but she's just physically unable to do! So instead she starts to grow and chub bigger and bigger and bigger.

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                Ahh neat! She sounds fun to be around. So long as she doesn't hold back her burps and all that, she'll be fine IMO.