Swollen Snake by RaddaRaem

Swollen Snake


31 May 2016 at 17:01:08 MDT

Art courtesy of Weedshibe!

Raja the Arbok has a lot of sass, and scales, to throw around these days. Courtesy of a wish from Jirachi gone far too right, as detailed in this silly story here, her squishy scaly belly has been rendered bottomless! Gleefully, she has taken it upon herself to gorge and gobble and chew with minimal restraint. Swelling up and out with every smack of her lips, followed by a hearty swallow, Raja is more than content to smother everything and anything around her beneath her colossal chub.

Here we see Raja so kindly sheperding her fellow Pokemon to safety where they will be tucked into her pudge as opposed to smooshed underneath it. Snacky and sassy as this snake may be though, this she's no monster! The Arbok would never ever dream of nibbling on another. Everything they own though? That's fair game for feasting as far as she's concerned.

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    Lovely squishy snakes are an inspiration to us all.

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      Indeed! >:3 Though now they are filling up my imagination and there's no room left for not snakes. D:

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    You know I was wondering if you ever got art of this character or not
    ...clearly the answer was yes :333

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      Oh gosh I got lots of her. :V Reeps crave the swelling stuffed snakes. All the bigs shall be miiiiine.