Armed For Beast by RachelTheSeeker

Armed For Beast


21 June 2019 at 01:05:08 MDT

The Great Forest of WNY is a dangerous place, not unlike much of the world after the cataclysmic Moon Fall. The occasional raider band or faulty robot are dangerous, but the real threat came forth to the ravaged Earth the night mankind's non-arcane electricity was shut off. A mutative plague may have killed off about half the planet's fauna, humans included, but also spawned from the darkness strange and horrible monsters. To the current day of the World After, these fell beasts exist for only one reason: to strip humans of being apex predators.

It's not often that Dana, the self-proclaimed Apocalypse Fox, gears herself up for danger. But when she knows she has to fight against either numerous malign people or hunt an especially vicious monster quarry, she knows better than to survive by her own luck alone. While her blaster pistol is powerful its effectiveness over long distances is diminished due to its subsonic shots, spare blaster carts are hard to come by, and her solar charger takes quite a while to replenish the juice in the cartridges she does own. And as much as the best offense is a good defense, even a blaster won't save her if she gets her bowels torn open or filled with lead.

Hence, Dana oft puts on similar armor as the kind depicted in this picture when armed for beast, and is no stranger to other weapons outside her blaster or hunting knife. This particular armor is known as a 'flak jacket' in the Great Forest, a recreation of medieval brigandine armor made with salvaged materials. The concept is the same, however -- rivet shingled metal plating to the inside of durable outerwear. In addition to her heirloom blaster and hidden knife, she also prefers ballistic pistols, energy longarms and even pump shotguns... even if her ropy-muscled arms affect the handling of the latter weapon.

And yes, I did reverse which hip Dana's belt pouch is resting on. Figured it'd be easier to draw that way if she's got a hip holster for Greased Lightning.

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