Kiss The Fox by RachelTheSeeker

Kiss The Fox


7 May 2019 at 00:20:59 MDT

So there's this challenge going on at a RPG Maker site I frequent, which will start this Saturday. Those who signed up were sent a random image and text prompt for a short game; as it were, a friend of mine from said site managed to receive an image of mine involving a fox. As it were, he's interpreting his prompt as the game revolving around talking sandwiches, and a suggestion given for his image was that there'd be this fox boss that is trying to eat said anthropomorphic sammies.

So being the fur-dyke that I am, someone else suggested I draw up an image for my pal of the baddy. As we're allowed to gather and make assets before the challenge begins (but can't legitimately make the game in-editor till Saturday), I gratefully took up the task. Here's the concept art of that villainous vulpine, which I intend to convert into a sprite soon after uploading this here. I've been dying to see if I can make sprites from images I scan by pixeling over the outlines, so we'll see how that turns out soon enough!

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