Edmonte ReDesign [Ice Form] by RaccoonCube

Edmonte ReDesign [Ice Form]


20 October 2017 at 00:03:56 MDT

... another redesign, though this time it's of Eddie's icy form~ :33

the changes here?? well, instead of hazardous flames constantly dancing upon his body, he now has a super-cool mist falling from his ever-so-slightly dampened fur... which will freeze anything upon contact.

OH! and he's anthro'd up even more annnn~d now has a cold personality (shiverse) XDD

that smile might LOOK inviting, but you might not wanna snuggle him unless you WANT freezer-burn X3c

a word of caution:

• Ice Eddie is a little cruel and unfeeling... in short, he hates the "Let It Go" song~ XD;;

Base Eddie

Fire Form Eddie
Ice Form Eddie
Rock Form Eddie

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