I'm just your average little Tanuki here~ ^^

Although I am small and normally in Tanuki form, I do like to assume the forms of other critters from time to time (I am capable of doppelgänging just about anything, including inanimate objects); however, my specialty lies within casting vivid illusions~ ^^

Stay a while and have a look around; I'm an ok artist and writer, as well as a professional dance music producer/sound engineer :333

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on 19 September 2014 at 17:36:50 MDT

whelp, it's official... i'll be moving to days soon as a cashier...

soon, i'll no longer be on the graveyard shift (not that i have anything against 3rd shift or anything),
it's just not for me. personally, i believe i should be sleeping or creating musics/arts at night (til a reasonable time of course) and not working X3

aside from that, i'm making progress on my first EP with SJE Records, and you can get a sneak preview of the title track on my soundcloud ( ).
also, if you like, feel free to follow me on soundcloud and youtube (i go by Raccooncube in both places, and almost everywhere else on the interwebz X3), though i haven't completely decided what i wanna do with youtube just yet... perhaps animated webcomics and musics/arts/etc talks... dunno how popular that sort of thing will be, but only fate will tell~

also, new doodles soon to come (since i haven't really been doing finished pieces)~

OH! BEFORE I FORGET!! i'll be going through and kind of cleaning out my skype... it's nothing personal, and if you happen to be erased, just re-request and i'll be happy to re-add you~ :3

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    i found you too! :D.....just after you found me first! :3 *dook~*

    how ya doing lately bud?

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      this tanuki is doing quite well, despite not having checked here in a while...

      honestly, i completely forgot about this place til know~ XDDDD

      you should come to my private streams sometimes :3

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        poke me about them on FA sometime (anytime~) dude :)

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      *smooches you back months later*

      mrrf!! :333

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    Heeey! I'm on here!

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    Poofytail? :D