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Sloan by rabbitinafoxden



New character idea! My lovely wife made me start thinking about frog/toad OCs, and I ended up coming up with this character and almost instantly falling in love with her.

Meet Sloan! She's based on a cane toad. Rather than any of my existing settings, she exists in a sci-fi themed setting that I don't have a lot of details about. She's a bounty hunter who uses her long tongue and strong belly to capture and transport people wherever they need to be taken! (And she almost always gets them there intact! Really!) Sloan is:

  • Slender and very tall, likely approaching 7'.
    - A very big eater, both of regular food and prey. Her appetite is almost insatiable!
    - The proud owner of a high-tech bodysuit that creates a pocket dimension for her belly: this allows her to move relatively unhindered regardless of how full she is. This cost almost half a space-year's income for her, but she has so far not regretted the purchase. Her belly immediately reappears if the suit is removed or damaged (given her line of work, the suit occasionally gets damaged and has to be repaired.)
    - Friendly and bubbly of personality!
    - Able to snag and swallow people very quickly. If she's wearing the bodysuit, a bulge will appear in her neck but vanish below that.

What do you think of her? Would you be interested in seeing more of her? I may finish the sketches here and turn them into a story at some point.

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