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Bridget Ref by rabbitinafoxden

Bridget Ref


Now it's Bridget's turn! To be honest, I wasn't sure anyone was even going to know who "Bridget" was when I put her on the list, but she got twice as many votes as any other character, so whether or not you knew who she was when you voted, she's a clear leader.

Bridget is a grasshopper mouse, a pred who doesn't look like a pred and leverages that to her advantage. She's somewhat shy in social situations, but is very friendly once you get her out of her shell.

I haven't written any stories about Bridget yet, but I do have at least one in mind, so I'll probably try to write it soon. As a result, some of this information may turn out to be somewhat inaccurate, so I'll probably try to keep these ref sheets updated as my ideas about a character change. This may end up being true of all of my ref sheets.

Here's the poll if you want to vote on the next one:

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