Hoarding by rabbitinafoxden



28 March 2020 at 15:08:29 MDT

A short story starring Rox! She demonstrates how to deal with people who hoard supplies during a pandemic. Probably not canon. The story also does not quite match up with the picture, but the heart of the idea is there.


Valerie looked over her haul with a pleased expression on her face. The rabbit's shopping cart was piled high with vegetables, toilet paper, and other supplies. She had cleared out several shelves all by herself, and the disappointed gazes of some of the other shoppers behind her filled her with pride. She had been early: she was the victor! She would have everything she needed and then some. Maybe she could even sell a few of the non-perishables to some of the slower (and dumber) shoppers to make a quick buck!

"Excuse me."

Valerie turned to see a tall, buxom wolf standing next to her. The wolf had her arms crossed in front of her chest, and she had an annoyed expression on her face. She seemed to be looking down her snout at Valerie, which made her bristle. "Yes?"

"Do you really need all that?" The wolf asked. "Think maybe you could leave some food for everyone else?"

Valerie narrowed her eyes. How dare this wolf make judgments about how she lived her life! She would have to teach her a lesson. She waved a dismissive hand at the wolf. "You snooze, you lose. You should have gotten here earlier. I guess you'll just have to find something else to eat." As she continued walking, she made sure to bump her substantial hip into the wolf's side, causing her to stumble as she was pushed out of the way.

With her nose in the air, Valerie didn't really take in the wolf's dark expression.

"Fine. I will."


Valerie hummed to herself as she lathered up the soap between her fingers. She needed to hurry: she didn't want anyone getting into the cart she had parked just outside the restroom. Some of the slower shoppers might try to pillage her haul -- like that stupid-looking wolf from earlier. Most likely no one would dare, but it didn't hurt to be careful.

She was in the middle of rinsing off the soap when she noticed a shadow looming over her in the mirror. She just barely had time to let out a yelp of surprise before strong arms grabbed her from behind, one wrapping around her chest just beneath her bust, and the other clapping over her mouth.

"Hey there. Fancy running into you again."

Valerie stared in horror at the reflection of the wolf from earlier. She had a smug grin on her face, and she ran her tongue across her chops as she held Valerie tightly.

"So," the wolf said. "I think I'm going to take your advice." She reached down with the hand that wasn't covering Valerie's mouth and grasped the hem of her shirt, starting to pull it up over her head. She loosened her grip and spun Valerie around, so they were facing each other, yanking the shirt the rest of the way off at the same time, momentarily blinding her as it was pulled over her head.

Valerie's eyes scanned the room. The only exit was the door she came in through, but the wolf now had her pinned against the flat counter of the restroom sink. But she did have one shred of hope: the wolf didn't realize that they weren't alone. Valerie had seen another rabbit going into one of the stalls.

Valerie took a deep breath. "Help! I'm... glk!"

She only had time for two words before the wolf's mouth opened wide and her head came down, cramming Valerie's head into her gullet.

The wolf worked quickly, leveraging Valerie's chubby body against the sink counter to help shove her into her throat. Valerie fought back, trying to kick at the wolf's stomach, but the wolf dodged her kicks easily. She was an expert, she had done this before. Valerie tried to scream, but any attempts to cry for help were muffled by the walls of pulsating flesh around her, pulling her downward.

She had gotten one good scream out before the wolf had started eating her, though. Help should be arriving soon.

Any minute now.

The wolf had managed to squeeze Valerie's chest into her mouth, and now she was working her muzzle over the rabbit's substantial hips. Her progress slowed, but only for a moment: the wolf braced Valerie's rear end against the counter and pushed hard, and soon she had passed that obstacle, as well. The wolf had unbuttoned Valerie's jeans, too, and was sliding them off as she started to swallow Valerie's legs.

Valerie continued to fight, but it was difficult to kick with the jeans in her way. The wolf was now able to tilt her head back, turning Valerie upside down to let gravity assist. Her face pushed against a barrier, which then opened, and Valerie's sensitive nose was assaulted with an acrid smell.

Where the hell was her help!?

Valerie let out another scream. This was starting to look very bad.


Rox swallowed, pulling the rabbit's kicking feet into her muzzle. Her teeth clicked closed, and with one more swallow, the bulge in her throat slid down to her belly.

"Hoof." Rox turned around so she could lean against the restroom sink counter. This rabbit had been a big meal, and she weighed heavy in Rox's gut. She took a moment to regain her composure, letting out a soft breath as she let her stomach settle.

Rox then turned her attention on one of the stalls. "You can come out now."

A timid "eep" emitted from the stall, and then the door slowly opened. A petite rabbit with cream-colored fur peeked her head out.

"Don't worry, you're safe," Rox said. She gave her distended belly a hearty slap. "I am full after that one. No way I'm eating you, too."

The rabbit nodded and stepped out of the stall, wringing the hem of her shirt.

"I am surprised, though," Rox continued, "that you didn't try to help her. Isn't that the prey creed? Help each other in need? I mean, I guess I can't blame you, two rabbits against a big wolf like me wouldn't be able to do much, but you might have been able to help you."

The petite rabbit shook her head. "It... it wasn't that. I... I saw her earlier. She had her cart completely full of tons of stuff."


"Yeah. Unless she was feeding her whole extended family, there's no way she needed that much." The rabbit tapped one of her large feet on the floor. "It's people like her who are making things difficult for everyone else."

Rox grinned. "A girl after my own heart. Well, her cart is right outside. If you need anything, feel free to take it. She's not going to be needing it anymore." Rox brought a fist up to her mouth to cover a small belch. She then hefted herself up from where she was leaning and sauntered over to the little rabbit.

The rabbit froze as Rox approached, her muscles tensing. She was ready to flee.

But Rox just leaned in close. "After all... it's in my best interests to make sure all prey are well fed."

The rabbit let out a little shudder, and Rox smiled. Then she stood up straight again and walked towards the exit, resting one hand on her stomach.

"See you around. And don't forget to wash your hands!"

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