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Sleepy Full by rabbitinafoxden

Sleepy Full


19 April 2019 at 11:48:35 MDT

Anon asked: "How do you think, is it good to be a taur, considering they have two belly instead of one?"

Having two bellies can definitely have its advantages! For example, when you chase a rabbit down into her burrow (not all rabbits realize the "a feline can fit into any opening it can fit its head into" rule still applies to taurs) and then you end up eating not only her, but also her husband and all her daughters. That's definitely a situation where having an extra belly to hold more prey is helpful.

In an unrelated comment, rabbits really are kind of like potato chips, aren't they? You know you should probably stop, but you can never have just one.

(This isn't a recurring character, by the way: just a random taur. She came out pretty cute, though!)

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