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Luri by rabbitinafoxden



3 March 2019 at 20:30:07 MST

Some sketches of Luri, the otter character from my most recent story!

Due to some magical mishaps in her youth, Luri's body has been altered in some significant ways. She is immune to poisons, but has no sense of taste and is unable to eat food normally. Her body contains a rather large amount of magical energy, which tends to leak out her mouth as black smoke, especially when she is angry or distressed.

She has a familiar named Prax, who usually manifests as a small black squirrel; Luri and Prax are connected in various ways. When Prax eats, it nourishes Luri instead of himself (Prax doesn't need nourishment on his own; his body is a magical construct.) Luri can also see through Prax's eyes and hear through his ears, and has a mental connection with him. She does not control him directly, however: he has his own mind and will, and can be somewhat mischievous. Prax is unable to summon himself or change his own form: Luri has to do that for him.

Luri works for the adventurer's guild, and is Fia and Cerise's direct superior. She doesn't do much field work anymore, and mainly functions as 1) a negotiator who helps figure out the price for any given job, and 2) an organizer who assigns adventurers to the jobs that they're best suited for. She comes across as harsh at times, but cares very deeply for those in her care.

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