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Quynn and Celestina Exchange Greetings by Quynn Stormcloud (critique requested)

Quynn and Celestina Exchange Greetings (critique requested)

Quynn Stormcloud

19 February 2013 at 10:24:43 MST

Quynn, Lenox and Lara (the three on the left) had successfully pranked their friends Blaze, Celestina (two on the right) and Viggo (not pictured). Celestina told Quynn what she thought of the prank with a high five. to the face. with a closed fist.

With this image, I am announcing a new comic project: Stormclouds are Thrice Cursed. A sort of sandbox of the medium, to get my feet wet before I start full-bore on Legends of Avegnon. I should give a nod to Kevin Hearne for the title, (Google "storm clouds are thrice cursed" to find the passage from Hounded that it stems from). What are Quynn Stormcloud's three curses? well, you'll have to find out when he tells you. Expect the prologue to be finished by the end of February, then I'll be posting regularly, probably fortnightly if I can get the pacing down.

Criticism on clothing colors and styles are welcome. I'm still developing the characters and any advice will do a whole lotta good.