Kei Stands Out (Page 8) by QuigleyDownUnder

Kei Stands Out (Page 8)


20 January 2014 at 18:00:20 MST

Years had passed since that day. Kei was a fully grown lion who had a pride all his own. He was blessed with abundant food and a large family with many cubs. Those who heard about his cubhood lamented about how horrible it must have been. But Kei just smiled, for he knew that if it wasn’t for his hard life he never would have had the determination that he did, and wouldn’t be leading such a rewarding life. One night, as Kei lay in his favorite grassy patch, he looked up at the blanket of stars and thought to himself, “You were right, Mother, you were right all along…”
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Welp there you have it! This is actually the second draft of this book. If you're very brave, you can check out my original illustrations (and original writing) from 6 years ago(!!!!!) here: . O how times have changes geez

If you want your own copy of this book (full color 8.5x11) it is available here!
I just graduated and have no job yet, and I make a cut from each book sold, so it would really help me out!

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