Arkyen WarLord. by QuickTron

Arkyen WarLord.


12 July 2014 at 18:34:30 MDT

"I well never for get the day, YOU TOOK HALF MY FACE!"

this is the arkeyan warlord. before Eon, before the skylanders. he was one of the first generals to command the Arkeyan force into skylands destroying eveything in his path leaving no survivor only death and despair behind.

during the great arkeyan war the empress of skylands search and formed a new alliance known as the skylanders the greatest of warriors. at first there where 16 giants and the first 8 mission was to make full scale assault but they where killed by the Warlord. he Though there dead bodies in the capital city just before the arkeyan ship " the dying light" crash into the empress plaice and challenge her to fight.

during the battle the Empress used her elemental attack on him and burned half his face off this actually cough him off gard and pushed him off the edge of her home and sent him to cloudy abuse below. shortly after the Arkeyan king was finally defeated and the Forger was Locked up. To many brave heroes where killed or lost.

after the war the empress crated this unit of skylanders to protect this world from other forums of evil.

now after 3000 years the warlord is back but this time he wants revenge and take back what belong to arkeyans and turn all of skylands into the new Arkeyan Empire.

"After the Kaos come destruction"

after Destruction come,me!"

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