Arkyen Battleship the Dying light by QuickTron

Arkyen Battleship the Dying light


22 July 2014 at 21:17:23 MDT

the last of her kind the arkeyan battle ship "the Dying light." During it time in the war this ship struck fear in the heart of sailors and solders all over skylands for ever where this ship goes it left nothing but death and destruction in it path and lead it fleet in major cities and left them in ruin. those who Survive it wrath are hunted by nightmares the day it came and wipe out there homes.

during the last war on the capital where the Empress lived The Dying Light crash though the great city and destroying everything in it path and punch though the great castle walls just to get the Empress her self but after the Defeat and the Arkeyan king had fallen as the forger was locked away. the great ship was removed for the city and was pushed over the edge and feel in the cloudy abuse where in was never to used again.


there where tails and witness saying that great ship was seen drifting in the clouds like ghost. Some pirates even told hunted tails the ship was alive it was out searching for it caption and was never going to rest till it found him. other came up with idea that it was ship out hunting for souls to be part of it crew and forever sail the cloud abuse for all of time.

only two skylanders have ever had encounters with the horror.

Befor Wah Buckler was skylander his ship was cough in bad storm, as him and the crew where sailing in the chaos he notice a massive shadow the look like ship for split second it reviled it self and Wash Buckler couldn't believe his eyes and just as it appeared it was gone and vanished in to the storm. to this day he still could not believe what he seen.

Thumpback was the only surviving skylander to ever face the monster it self. during the the Arkeyan wars and recruiting of the special unit skylanders Thumpback lead a feet agents the might Best but it wip out his ship and his feet in a matter of minutes. he was the only one the lived though the devastation all his ship and crew where lost and to this day he cures the name of that ship that killing his friends.

((the last thing i well add to this yes i got the idea for this ship from the anime Space Battleship yamato))

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