portalmaster Dash AceWing by QuickTron

portalmaster Dash AceWing


19 July 2015 at 21:01:43 MDT

Portalmaster dash is the leader of the skylanders superchargers and it true on what he says, if you want to be on his team you better be fast skilled and have your own vehicle and you can just say it you have to show it. Dash own his own ship called Big Rig and there he was test you skills and your Vehicles durability in many courses ether it Land, Air, or Sea. If you pass every challenge he give you, your part of the superchargers.

Dash is one of the most skilled Portalmasters in all of skylander even though he's younger then Dusty, Dash is higher rank then he is and is one of the most skilled sharp shooter ever known. he can even hit target while he's moving or on the run.
Dash is most known move is when he jump on the back of one his fellow Superchargers vehicles and pull out his Sniper rifle and and take out his target from miles away.

this not a portalmaster anyone should take lightly. To some he might not look much but big things do come in small packages.

Also one more thing. he's cocky too so he has the habit of getting he's foes pissed off at him but that also one his other talents. nothing is more easy to take down then enemy that so mad it loses there focus.

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