Sandy the shark by QuickTron

Sandy the shark


29 August 2015 at 20:46:25 MDT

over the time i had shark character just floating around and i really never got to use her but now with new skylander superchargers i have real use for this big gal.
Sandy is the chief Engineer on Dash's crew. She really good with tools and fixing up the supercharges vehicles when they get bang up. Sandy always had this passion on working on machines fixing or improving them even though every time one of the skylanders show up with there vehicle all banged up she always give them disgust look like asking them " what did you do this time". To many of the skylanders Sandy come off as a strict person and almost she no joy but in truth she really not all that mean and love her work for she would have it in no better way.
the only time Sandy every get upset is if one of the Superchargers messed up there Vehicle just after she fixed it , Dash doing some dump to make one of his Vehicles faster (( of course she hit him upside the head for it.)) or unwanted guess show up trying to hijack there ship "BigRig".
Infact one night when the superchargers where on there first mission Pirates try to hijack there ship but there raid came to quick end when they ran into 310 pound shark girl that was on her way for late night snake.
Sandy did not hold back and beat the sin out of the pirates and that was first and last any dare try to steel the supercharges ship.

Sandy relation to Dash is more like siblings. Dash is the little brother as she the big sister there close and get along vary well but sometimes Sandy dose need to hit the young portalmaster upside the head at times.
for he can get out of hand. Really if Sandy wasn't there he would been in more trouble and be in real deep water.

to end this I going to say i have fun bring her back. I had to change her look and made her look bigger then her old version. though i was going for a fat look she got both fat and muscular look to her body witch fits perfect in her role she plays in. I really look foreword on drawing her again.

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