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NPC: Shaman by quicktalon

NPC: Shaman


18 February 2013 at 21:20:54 MST

This is for the group/pet sim site for

Salander-Island (Currently on Hiatus).

It's a pet site just for dragons and the pets are way cute. I am drawing all the NPCs on the site, so this is the site's NPC Shaman Character, or "Vet".

If you want more info on the site just ask ^^

Art © to Quicktalon and

Do not use, redistribute, edit, or upload this is any way, shape, or form.

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    The pose is very descriptive of his job; it gives a sense of mystery and magic. You did a great job with anatomy and shading!

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    jealous. always wanted to work for a pet site.

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      Ugh nooo. I've worked for... 3 different pet sites and the only one I like working for is this one which I co-own lol

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        I've heard it tends to be that way. I used to want to own my own site actually. I used to have a very popular corner on a forum in an old pet site called rescreatu which I made egg hatchable and test tube baby adoptables. I couldnt keep up with the orders though so I quit after a while. Plus I couldnt actually profit from it. wasn't allowed to ask for anything but site currency.

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          Oh, I worked for 4 pet sites nevermind lol!

          I worked for a popular pokemon clickable site with lineless art{ called PKMNs, which is now down}, I wasn't allowed to make RL $$ on that either. I have another "freebie" site I worked for who paid the other artists and not me. :/

          It's hard to keep up with orders and some of the BS ^_^'

          I think I've heard of rescreatu but never went on it.