Broken mind amid the smoke by QuentixStarwing

Broken mind amid the smoke

There it stands like a relic
Amid a modern stone age of change
Nothing there to give it faith
If only to show state and blame
Nothing shall grant it peace
This only is a last reprieve
One like rise before the fall
As a roller coaster's dip is sure to call
Find what must be the peak
Then hold its grip against your cheek
Find only what can come to pass
Because finding the pace is neverending
Can one grasp the way it fires
If only to note how very dire it is
A final note to all who choke

Broken minds amid the smoke find not peace or slumber within
Break the mod and show true nature a grin.

Broken mind amid the smoke


17 December 2017 at 08:50:39 MST

Man work sucks when it gets in the way of poetry!
Curse the Xmas season when working retail, ha! It is not a fun experience, it drains one of energy and I know I'm not alone! Either way a long overdo poem, stay tuned for more. I have a backlog to fill!

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