A Retro River Valley by QuentixStarwing

A feeling of the Retro River Valley

Embracing the cool breeze that strokes through one's hair, if only to be bound by the looming light's touch
A warm flow from 10,000 paces above, that plant the tender hold upon one's brow
Yet how it is to its own feeling almost like a swim in nostalgia.

Gathering like the mass of water lily on the pond
Perhaps by chance and the brilliance of the starshine from the night.

When does day pass into the night?
What time will the whisper come to caress the hand that reaches?
As a galvanizing force draws the center ever weary but forward
Striving for the midlight is what gives one solace

Strength to make it from Midday to Midlight
That is the true way for one to find a way in life

Never does one's own living life saunter down a welcoming path
Perhaps it it drawn by a current of great force
Be it water or air, perhaps the very flow of feelings themselves?

How like a river that is unchallenged in density or viscosity
The always flowing river finds areas of rapids and many bends

But like all it is a daze that is familiar and yet oh so different
With little to remind one of something beyond a melody silently playing
Never quite the same does the sound flow to one's ear

But it like the other things in life are but similar and never quite the same, like a feeling, a retro river valley.

A Retro River Valley


10 January 2018 at 13:42:24 MST

Inspiration comes to someone in waves, I find now and again, what better way shrug off a while without writing a poem worth posting than with that? Here I bring to you, something that made me feel warm, my heart strings tugged upon and yet not in sadness, melancholy, or dreary wind. But something that instead wrapped around me like a warm blanket, I wrote about it here, so please come and enjoy the ride it may bring. Join me on this little rapid flow and be buried, but not overwhelmed.~

Enjoy the first poem of the new year!!

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