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Defiance in heeps by QuentixStarwing

Defiance in heeps

If anyone would find and so much as it can be seen
Let it be defiant as the edgy malignant deinal.

Some as it comes with the degree of the built up
Nothing but a sigh, if even a breath.

All that can be said in a higher piece
Just some can whisper if anything of its heart of defiance.

Trials and tribulations become more or less if anything to part
Brains become a focus of the divide within the soul of defiance.

Sacred as the breath in part of the heart and souls
Perhaps then a flicker of hope for defiance as it stands.

Another welcome moment of the single part
Finding the pitch from which defiance falls.

A precipice of decision and measure that take a modicum of interest
Whether or not you remain true to one's defiant nature.

This shall end with defiance in heeps.

Defiance in heeps


It's said that there is plenty in a design and in this case, we find a growing vision of completion! Another thing off the ol' list of such things being done. Here I found the simple term of defiant to be a useful topic of a poem.

Here's the results, enjoy!

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