The Four shine by QuentixStarwing

The Four shine

Where stands a marker in the darkness
Bringing matter to the lack of any
Where the origins bleed into one another unevenly
This is the first shine

When things come to stand a little closer
Better to breathe and more to stand
Would there bring in part of the methods
Brought to one by the second shine

All one can see is the hearth is cracked
Broken in its part, the ways that build up
Taken in heart and sides of the desire
Never is the weathered by the part
This brings the third shine

But never does it see, as it stands to be gained with its place
Such can be seen as the four shine.

The Four shine


4 July 2016 at 09:27:40 MDT

This is a special poem for the fourth, a bit short in nature, but straight to a point. I wanted to say to all who care in this part, Happy 4th of July!

Just enjoy the day and the part that comes with it!

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    I cared about that part! Merry Monday!
    ...Oh, yeah, and happy 4th!

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      thanks for that! sorry for replying late xD, much belated Happy fourth to you too.

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        You're fine! At least you did get around to it. L=

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          Ha, well thanks that can be a true thing. :o