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Mash up, Mix up by QuentixStarwing

Mash up, Mix up

Where confusion is centered
How the dominos shall fall

None shall note it better
Than as those that matter have lost

Losing way is beyond that pass
While losing a measure is small in part

Taken aback by lost heartaches
If only a part of heart and soul

Brought out the finer points of the heavenly embrace

Be it a mix up, where the trials know no ends
Or a mash up where the events never find an end

Bring some peace or bring a bag of lots
Let it pack haven and Elysium, with all things time forgot

Can thee find a line that has been drawn long
Or shall ye find the point of a Mash up, mix up.

A fine line that is undefined.

Mash up, Mix up


A blend of words, that came from scratch. My mind seems to drift and linger, and its there that I find some amusement and the occasional thought of peaceful things. Here I don't know if this is peaceful as much as some part of my mind focused on thought. What do you think?~

Please Read and Enjoy. =)

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