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I'm a zombie.

I ❤ : Ninjas, Needles and Noodles.

I ✘ : Pills, Parties and Pain.

Sorry if i am: Random, Retarded and Resentful.

English is not my main language, sorry in advance for all the mistakes.

Thank you for any Follow / Fav / Comment!

Avatar Art by OnionGrump


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    Wahhh thank you for the watch back!

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    I love u, u love me, we draw badass boys furries <3

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      Why can't I add your comment to my favourites?! D8<

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    WOW! Your art is simply spectacular! :D
    I must watcheth thee! XD

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    Nursyyyy! <3

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    YAY! It's Quaezal! :D

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