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Commission T.O.S

By Commissioning me, you are agreeing to the following terms and conditions:

  • An additional fee may be applied for complex designs.
  • I have the right to simplify a design if need be, and I will inform you if I decide I need to.
  • I have the right to refuse service for any reason.
  • Commissioned art may only be used for non-commercial use only. Commercial use of my artwork is strictly prohibited.
  • I retain all rights to my art. This means I may post it to my websites if I decide to.
  • Client may upload the commissioned piece as long as proper credit is given. (Links to DA/TH/FA, ect. Please ask for my preference)
  • Do not claim the artwork as your own.


Payments will be required to be sent as USD through paypal ONLY (unless I have stated otherwise). I require it to be sent through the [b][u]goods and services option[/b]/u, and choose no address needed.

Payment is required to be made in full (no partial payments) and cleared before I start the commission. Afterwards, I will send a form that needs to be filled out and begin working from there.


Will Do:

  • Any Gender(s)
  • Human/Kemonomimis/Anthro, most species (really scaley or reptilian might vary)
  • Anywhere from basic to semi complex designs
  • Smaller simple wings (bigger ones may have an additional charge!)

Won't Do:

  • Anything NSFW
  • Excessively complex designs
  • Ferals (I'm just not good at them)
  • Extremely Masculine OCs
  • Offensive materials
  • Extremely varied body types (please ask about this one!)

These are subject to change at any time, depending on my comfort levels as time goes on. If you feel as there is something I haven’t addressed or it falls into a grey area, feel free to shoot me a note and ask!


I will send you 1 Work in Progress picture of the sketch, that will generally be done traditionally (though this is subject to change). Upon receiving the WIP, you may ask for changes to the piece and I will try to accommodate accordingly. If you do not reply within 48 hours, I will assume that it is ok to continue on with the sketch and no further edits will be made.

If you are unresponsive 48 hours after I have sent the initial WIP but you have been actively posting online and you have other commissions pending with me, no further WIPs will be sent for the additional art. It is not my job to chase after you.

Edits and Revisions.

Unless there has been a mistake on my part (missed markings, colours, forgotten details, ect), there will not be any edits or revisions. It is up to the customer to point out something they don’t like when they receive the initial WIP.

I will not do edits due to a missed piece of information. Please make sure everything is included in the form if you think there is something I need to know.

Please do not modify my artwork in any way without permission first. If you do so, a warning will be given and if you continue you will be added to my blacklist.

Character Changes

On the off chance, you decide to change the character I am working on a commission for and I have progressed into the line work, I will not be willing change the character that is being drawn.

If it is before I have completed the sketch I am more then willing to change it, but I reserve the right to sell or reuse the posing for the previous character in a way I see fit. (ex; YCH, ect).

On the off chance I find that I am unable to complete your piece, I will do a refund in full.

Once I send the initial WIP off, there are no refunds.

If you have any questions, you can send me a note!

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