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The Wheel of Elements by Prostapheresys

The Wheel of Elements


9 April 2019 at 13:32:38 MDT

Since many ask what my fursona is... I hope this picture clarifies!
Auran is an Ouroboros, the creature that eats its own tail in a never ending cycle. It symbolizes many things, but for me it’s most importantly an allegory for Alchemy. I find the esoteric art of Alchemy fascinating as well as closely related to my studies: I’m a Chemistry student IRL! XD
It took me a long time before developing a fursona that was meaningful to me, and I’m proud of how Auran came to be

What about that “Wheel of Elements” encircled by Auran’s body?
That is my own take in representing all the elements of the universe in a mysterious, very alchemical fashion! XD
Each glyph represents an element and has a precise location inside the Wheel. As you can see, all of them are interconnected by geometric shapes that identify groups of similar elements:

Basic Elements: Air, Earth, Fire, Water
Vile Metals: Lead, Tin, Iron
Noble Metals: Copper, Silver, Gold
Active Elements: Sulfur, Salt, Mercury
Transcendent Elements: Light, Darkness, Spirit

I hope you like this… and good luck guessing what each glyph is! Feel free to post your guesses in the comments XD
PS: the symbol in the very center also has a meaning... ;P
Special thanks to Lirietrai for the amazing artwork!
See artist's post ---> HERE <---

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