Umi - A Digimon Fan-Character by PrivateDoomsday

Umi - A Digimon Fan-Character


8 January 2019 at 20:47:42 MST

I uploaded this pic, as it was first posted, on FurAffinity, which was briefly shut down, but I figured that I'd submit art, of a new Digimon fan-character, to show more of my talent.

Meet Umi; a very sweet, bubbly, fun-loving ranamon, with a very daring streak, as far as her wildness, goes! (Not the ranamon, from the anime, but a fan-character, of mine.)

While she doesn't mind fashion modeling, she hopes to have a long, happy, exciting life, ahead of her!

Also, for RPers, if you want to enjoy some good, clean cuddling with her, you may; she's quite silly, and loves to cuddle, after all!

Also, I came up, with a different design, for my particular fan-character. Including a different outfit, with most of the same color scheme!

= Umi, alongside the artwork, are (c) by me
= "Digimon" franchise, is (c) by Bandai Namco

P.S.; I didn't shade this, because last time I was drawing this, I was too tired.

I'll draw a pic, that shows the rest of her outfit, in more detail, later.

UPDATE, from 6/27/2019:

In case you didn't know, Umi herself, IS single, and regardless of whether she remains single or ends up taken, by the right guy, she hopes to have a happy life, ahead of her!