Saiko's Bikini by PrivateDoomsday

Saiko's Bikini


8 November 2018 at 11:54:50 MST

Just a newer character of mine; particularly, a tsundere that had been sent to a ward, due to anger management issues.

But, this is sometime after she was released. Where, sometime later, she ends up having a crush, on a male, that looked after her. And, she even decides to model her favorite swimsuit, for him. (She did rebuild some "kitty lingerie", that she found online, by covering it, with swimsuit fabric; she did the same, with the stockings.)

As a tomboy-ish cabbit girl, (cat / rabbit mix) she does have her adorable the fact, that she actually enjoys friendly cuddling, with a trustworthy friend.

= Saiko is (c) by me, and "RoninHunt0987", (FurAffinity user)
= The arwork is also (c) by me