Batton Woman - ROBOT MASTER IDEA by PrivateDoomsday



14 October 2018 at 23:14:41 MDT

Identification: DRN-00E

One of twin robot masters; based on the theme of vampires, is a rather cute design, that was a creative idea, by a college girl's concept art, that was sent to Dr. Light, after he was running low, on ideas.

Amazed by this concept design, for what would become a pair of twin robot masters, Batton Woman was first to be built, among the two. (The other being a lycan themed robot master, named "Beast Man".) Dr. Light figured, that Roll shouldn't have to feel like the only girl, among the robots, at his place, so he built the two, with a default purpose; to serve as security robots, at his home. (In case Dr. Wily, were to try and steal his blueprints. Although at times, these two needs their breaks, now and then.)

Among the twins, Batton Woman is not only able to fly quickly, but is also able to wield the power, of the Vampire Laser; a piercing projectile, that doesn't do much damage, although it's more effective, for combo-based attacks, which can be used to hit more than one target, at once; kinda like a pinball machine; it can absorb health and energy, to some extent.

Quote: "Don't make me come over there, and give you a hug!"
Good Point: Cheerful
Bad Point: Hyperactive (At times...)
Likes: Beautiful landscapes
Dislikes: Muumuus (Doesn't hate them; just doesn't care for them.)

= Batton Woman, (this "Mega Man" fan-character) alongside the artwork, are (c) by me
= "Mega Man" is (c) by Capcom