Hack X Carola - First Time of Romance by PrivateDoomsday

Hack X Carola - First Time of Romance


3 March 2017 at 16:31:24 MST

As a reminder, I DO appreciate friendly comments, to show how you find this pic, to be!

Just to let you know, I wanted to do something romantic, for art, since it's been QUITE a while! And because, you'd probably think, it looks ADORABLE!

This is LITERALLY a a pic, of WHEN Hack & Carola finally admit feelings, for each other, and become a couple!

The reason, why Carola is actually crying, in this scene, is because NOT only was she worried, but also because she was glad that Hack was alive, after surviving the explosion, of the LAST remaining Wily castle, in the WORLD!

Carola was charmed, because, she didn't know, that he had ANY romantic feelings, for her! She felt the same, but due to how shy she was, she was worried whether or not, he'd be the right one, for her! Realizing, that, NOT ONLY did they have PLENTY in common, but because, even the most unusual surprises, may happen, in one's life.

And it was all thanks, to the kind advice, of a mentor, that looked after Carola, over the years; (especially since the first year of her life, as a robot) Ms. Inge! (A woman, of which, is implied, to be a childhood friend, of whoever created Carola) And to be implied directly, during the first year of her llife, Carola was sent to learn from Ms. Inge, to learn her wisdom, and become a tutor, DURING those years!

It's also RIGHT before they have their FIRST kis, in the middle of the sunset, itself!

= Hack & Carola are © by me
= "Mega Man" is © Capcom