All Wrapped Up by Prince_Vaxis

All Wrapped Up


22 December 2014 at 14:34:23 MST

Sometimes a Monarch just wants to give something back! Her subjects serve her loyally for the whole year, and so, at the end of the year, why shouldn't a good sovereign not return the spirit of giving to them during the season of giving?
But what can a monarch get for her subjects that will be worth as much to them, as they are to her? Why, herself, of course!

Merry Christmas everyone, and thank you all so much for the wonderful year we just had :D
As a thank you, here I am, wrapped in some ribbons! Slaps your hand away Ah-ah-ah! Naughty naughty! You can't open your present till Christmas~!

I will submit the nude version of this on Dec 24th :) :love:

Artwork © Mrawl
Prince Vaxis © :princevaxisicon: Me
Lyrian Species © :iconaimi:

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