A Tribute to the Princess? [SFW] by Prince_Vaxis

A Tribute to the Princess? [SFW]


6 December 2014 at 16:11:21 MST

Sometimes a Monarch just feels like being spoiled a bit. To not have to do any work at all, and to just be served everything. A good way to achieve this, is to make ready to accept tributes from generous people willing to show their respect for their sovereign.
Looks like I have a special kind of tribute in mind. Want to come and deliver it to me, personally~?

This is the SFW version of the pic of the same title! For those of you who do not like the smut, I asked to get this riding the edge of NSFWness version done :p Because I love you guys too

Artwork © TheFuckingDevil
Princess Vaxi © Me
Lyrian Species © Aimi

(Please refrain from reposting elsewhere. This fursona is not for public use in RP or otherwise, please refrain from using it. Art thieving(using this picture but renaming the fursona to make it your own), is strictly forbidden.)