Wolf whip by PrincessofAsgard29

Wolf whip


11 December 2015 at 10:57:25 MST

This isn't finished- I have loads to practice when it comes to fur. ^^; Fur is probably ONE of the hardest textures I have to do digitally besides other textures out there I am working with. ^^; (if that makes sense) I am a huge fan of Dolphy she makes everything looks so sleek and realistic that it makes me envious of her art style!! >< I hope someday I am as good as her. She's very popular on the internet when it comes to drawing animal art. ^^;

Anyway, this is an old wolf drawing I've done a while back ago. I honestly kind of gave up on it for now, cause of the fur texture! >< I can't seem to get that down. And it's super frustrating cause my tablet has not been working. And I WISH it was because it was so much more easier adjusting the size, and pressure. Now I have to sort of man handle everything when using a wireless mouse which makes things TWICE as hard, and not as fun to draw digitally. sighs I HOPE I get something like a tablet for Christmas. I really do. I honestly would not care if I didn't get anything els for Christmas.

Anyway, enjoy the whip so far.

I will get back around towards it eventually...

Wolf drawn by (c.) PrincessofAsgard29

Done in Corel Painter 2015

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