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...And a Brighter Tomorrow [1] by Portmanpreau

...And a Brighter Tomorrow [1]


Eleven years ago in March, I created several characters inspired by Pokemon Ruby and Pokemon Sapphire, all Pokemorphs. While I've dropped a handful of them, six survived throughout the years and have become very important to me as well as the story I've been creating in my head. This is a short comic made in celebration of them.

FOR THE WEASYL CREW: Since my time here isn't as storied as it is on deviantArt, and since I'm not going to repost my entire dA archive (there's a lot there that's best left forgotten), I don't really expect you to know these characters. Please bear with me! You'll get to know them over time, I promise.

Dox, Cesar and Tobias all work for the Mako Corporation, although to different extents; Tobias is a doctor, and Dox and Cesar are part of the Impossibles, a team of mercenaries, so the positions are polarized but the groundwork is there. The main building is large enough to warrant having a communal locker room/shower, which you see above.

Sarah, although also part of the Impossibles, was conceived much earlier than the other three, so she won't be featured throughout the rest of the comic.