Lola, Bugs, and Clyde by Poonya

Lola, Bugs, and Clyde


16 October 2012 at 16:52:20 MDT

I think it can go without saying that here is quite possibly the most iconic rabbit of all time, and despite his stardom, Bugs Bunny was the character I was least looking forward to drawing. Reasons are as such.

First and foremost, I'm a great admirer of Mr. Chuck Jones, and there is no way I can do his work justice with my renditions. Secondly, and fairly minor, I hate drawing characters with the classic "one thumb, three fingers." It's too tooney for the style I prefer to draw in, and I just have a thing for drawing my critters with five fingers. Third, I think it's weird that Lola is wearing clothes and Bugs and Clyde are not. < < And lastly, while I grew up on Looney Toons back when Nickelodeon was awesome, Bugs Bunny was never really a favorite character of mine. I didn't hate him, but rather felt more of an indifference. I was more of a Taz fan, anyway.

Next we come to Lola. Origanlly, I was not going to have her in the picture at all. In fact, I was dead set not to have her in the challenge, whatsoever. Reason being, I hate Lola; no sugar coating here. But with my desire to fit as manny rabbits as I could into this endeavor, I figured I might as well drop her in. Oddly enough, as I started drawing her, the more I began to warm up to the image, and the more I began to think of her debut in Space Jam. (Lord, knows when the last time I thought of Space Jam was, lol.)

I recalled the scene where Lola came in out of the blue to try out for the basketball team. I remember thinking how out of place she seemed compared to the other zany characters, and it kind of annoyed me that they added a new character. My attitude soon changed as the movie played on, and I suddenly remembered that I used to really like this character.

Even though she was a Looney Toon, she was grounded, yet fun, driven but not snobby, and played off a sex appeal without being whorish. This completely blew my mind at the time, because I was still in a childlike mindset that female characters were to be perfect little princesses, dressed in pink, who do nothing but play dress-up, have tea parties, and ride ponies. It was the character traits behind Lola (and gradually other like characters) that eventually would form the basis for female characters of my own.

As I came down from my reflections, I suddenly realized why I had grown to loath Lola. I don't know who wrote it, but I've used this saying many a-time: "It's the fans that ruin the fandom." This character that I had come to admire, who had played a part in the development of my own work, had been transformed into a raging slut.

No, I'm not mad. Rule 34 does have it's good point, and the bad one's are just hilarious, but this is what it took for me to figure out why exactly I thought I hated a character that I really didn't. I think in my picture, she's my favorite one on there, even more so certain, as I have rambled on about her the longest, lol.

Now, for the young rabbit on Bug's shoulders. No, this is not an artistic liberty I've taken and given Bugs and Lola a son. This is Clyde, Bugs' nephew. He's not a very well known character, as he only appeared in two Looney Toons cartoons, and again in the Christmas short "Bugs Bunny's Looney Christmas Tales." Being such, I had to add him in, to say nothing of him bein' cute, lol.

Overall, I'm very happy with this picture's turnout, considering I was not very gung-ho with it to begin with. I know I wanted to keep it simple with the color and shading, and give the image a warm "family" feel… something to counter act the need to penetrate cartoon orifices with tentacles and disproportionate penises.

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