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Swift Heart Rabbit by Poonya

Swift Heart Rabbit


"I'm waaaay ahead of you." ~ Swift Heart Rabbit, The Care Bears Movie.

Yes, this weeks rabbit is the adorable Care Bear cousin, Swift Heart Rabbit.

The Care Bears was one of those classic 80's cartoon shows I was raised on. Even going back and watching them now, there's still a little something about them that makes me smile. I think a lot of it has to do with the music and the singing talents of Carole King. Another point is that fact that I still believe Canada put out some the best animation in the 80's, hands down.

As a child, Swift Heart was in my top 3 favorites, with Bright Heart Raccoon coming in second, and Proud Heart Cat ranking first. Reason being, cats were my favorite animal at the time, and I love the color purple, lol. But after not really thinking much of the Care Bears until now, I have to say Swift Heart has moved up to being my favorite CBC.

Now, when the Care Bears toys were released by American Greetings, Swift Heart was depicted as a male character, but then the films came about, the gender role was changed to female. This can be seen specifically in the movie The Care Bears In Wonderland. White Rabbit is Swift Heart's uncle in the film, and when he arrives in Care-A-Lot through a mirror, he asks, "Does anyone know the whereabouts of my niece, one Swift Heart Rabbit, by name." So, I have depicted Swift Heart as a female, and works better for the character, in my opinion.

Originally, I was just going to draw on image of her, which was the middle drawing. I loved the pose and expression and was ready to bring it to finish, when I realized, "…Dang it! You can't see the symbol on her tummy!" So, I drew up two more images, lol. I tried to draw a sequence with her, the first preparing to run, the second, running, and the third, skidding to a stop. Unfortunately, I don't feel I pulled it off well enough, particularly the third pose. Ah, well. I still think they look good.

I also executed my first attempt at colored line art. Overall, I think I like the look, but I feel that I lost some of my line art's original quality. The lines look too chunky and unified, specifically in the areas where the wisps of fur should be more fine, like on her feet. It looks really bunchy to me, but being a more "tooney" character, I suppose it works.

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