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M'name's Plinkers.

Yeah, uh, Mostly I'm on Furaffinity ( but I guess this is a backup page, mostly for in case FurAffinity goes Kaput or somethin'. (So if you really gotta get ahold of me asap that's where to first poke me)

I"m pretty much a babyfur/diaperfur/abdl artist type. It's quite fun~ I love doing this sort of art, it's really calming and fun. Most of my stuff is cutesy junk, at worst it's mildly suggestive (I don't do hard NSFW for personal reasons, please don't ask of it from me).

I adore drawing anthros, although I"m really good at drawing ferals as well (Pokemon and MLP: Ponies and the like, Digimon too~)

I have a few characters: Riley (punkish runt-y Pomeranian) and Plinkers (feral batpony), so expect seeing art of them posted along with personal art and commissions.

My tools of the trade are Sai and a Wacom: One Tablet.

...heh I don't know what else to put here. I"m real shy but real nice too.

Have a good day!



Latest Journal

Sooo, I hope y'all don't mind me reposting all my stuff from FA here yeah? No? Yehno?

While I'm not at panic-attack "oh heck time to jump ship" at the whole FA thing it's.... frustrating. I -personally- just want to have a place to portfolio all my art. FA I've kept up with just because I'm bad at the whole... organizing multiple profiles thing. It's why I mostly stuck to fa (and also like heck I almost have ten years of art to post). Twitter doesn't have good searches/lack of folders. DA I haven't been on in years (and I"ll leave it at that). Tumblr... I think still doesn't allow diaperfetish stuff (and it still doesn't have good portfolio-ing). And I'm not good at tech (and I don't think 'making my own porfolio website' would be any feasible solution for me)

So that's going to be a project in the works that I'm not exactly looking forward to -but- probably needs to be done just to secure my mental health (aka I'd be pretty crushed if pieces of mine got ripped off of fa). I"m personally along the lines of not wanting to delete things ever.... never really understood the mentality of that. Even if the art isn't good or if I'm not passionate about the project any longer, people still may look back on them fondly and admire it (occasionally I have gotten comments from people on art from years ago)

So TL;DR expect to see an uneven flow of me posting art to here when I have the spoons to.


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