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Majin Ashjin by Pikuna

Majin Ashjin


Woho such DragonBall mood! 8D
Since I play DragonBall Xenoverse I felt totaly in love with my Ashjin, I never could imagine it. xD
DragonBall is an Anime from my childhood and I'm so happy to have an OC now, because before I had no idea how to put one into the universe.
But with the Time Patrol thing, there is a very good opportunity, even created two teammates for her, a Namekian and a Frieza Clan member.
Hopefully I can introcude those two later. x3

A little about her:
Before Ashjin became a member of the Time Patrol, she lived and worked with her family (as many other Majin families) at the theme park Boo World.
Most of her fmaily members hadn't the power from their 'ancestor' Majin Boo, but Ashjin always prefered training over working at the "Fun Zone" of the park.
When Mira's army invaded the theme park many o her close family members were killed and so she seeked for revenge.
At first she trained under Miss Boo to gain more strenght and then joined the Time Patrol, where she meets her teammates Suru (Namekian) and Crem (Frieza Clan member)
Ashjin's character isn't so jolly or sweet as most other Majin's, but very hot-headed, cheeky, combative and more of a hitter than a big thinker. (Always ends in disputes with Suru, who is more calm and tactical)
With her extendable limbs, the ability to make sweets and other stuff she likes to play pranks on others.
But she can also be very protective over the weak ones and she can become more joyfull when she is around friends. (Especially around Crem, who isn't a big fighter in the first place and often gets bullied for being a Frieza's Clan member)
It's hard to gain her respect, one of the few is Piccolo, who became the Mentor of the whole team.

I really had a lot of fun coloring crimson-nemesis sketch again, it's really amazing how hardly it looks like a sketch everytime. xD
And I'm really happy with the colors I gave Ashjin, they all work so well together. w

Sketch (c) crimson-nemesis
Colors & Char (c) pikuna
Dragonball (c) Akira Toriyama

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