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Citizens of Pallet by pig

Citizens of Pallet


Man, I worked on this with no breaks... x.x!

SO glad I've finally drawn this though. I've wanted to draw my permanent villagers for so long... plus Booker, 'cause he's the cutiest cutie.

Roscoe, Beau, Frita, Rasher, Phil, Wolfgang, and Midge.

featuring TEA VILLAGER!


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    Omg this is the cutest thing I'll see all week I'M CALLING IT NOW

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      fhakjh /)^3^(\

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    So cute X3! Great work again, was awesome to watch it being drawn :D!

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      thank you!~

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        You're welcome ^v^!

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    I watched a bit of the stream of the creation of this. Came out great! =3

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