Valentines Jester and Shapes Dragon Adopts (1/2) by PierceTheReindeer

Valentines Jester and Shapes Dragon Adopts (1/2)


26 February 2019 at 23:04:38 MST

Valentines Jester Creature (SOLD to FameTheory)
Description: This creature claims to be the Jester of Love, a being that will appear and help others with love. They love valentines day and what comes with it, the increase of love and lots of candy. Though they don't always appear on the actual day itself but the day after. They say they choose to appear the day after because that is when most love trouble starts according to them (and are totally not late). They will try to help you with your failing love, telling you they are the best at fixing it. That they get a lot of love. Which is not 100% true, they themselves have a hard time find love. They would love to have an open relationship with people who love them for them but that is easier said than done. Maybe one day someone could help them with their love problems.

Overlapping Shapes Dragon Adopt
Description: This dragon is made of overlapping shapes. They are a happy go lucky fellow that likes to explore and make new friends. They come from a place where everything is overlapping shapes. Their fire is also overlapping shapes (like a lot of triangles or circles) but it'll still burn since it IS fire.

I am selling them both for $25 ($25 each) and if you would like to purchase them you can either comment below or message me. Paypal only and first come first serve. You can find more of my adopt rules on my Toyhouse which is linked on my profile and If you have any questions about my adopts you can ask me.