Presenting Otto Cludo by PierceTheReindeer

Presenting Otto Cludo


19 February 2019 at 16:10:13 MST

Originally posted on my art blog on August 5th, 2018
This is Otto Cludo, once was a pretty well known mascot for a fast food chain to appeal to children. The lore was he is the ringleader of a circus filled with colorful characters, traveling around the land bringing children joy and food. The chain would use him and crew for many years making toys, shirts, glass cups, crazy straws, books, and a tv show special. It was considered a good time in the chain history until complaints started increasing about the quality of the food, nutritional value, how children only wanted the toys not the food, how the mascots are just there to manipulate children to buying the food, and that some of the characters like Otto were creepy. Overtime it just got more and more intense with the complaints and finally they decided to retire Otto and his crew as mascots permanently. There was complaints and crying from both children and adults alike when the news of Otto being retired got out but the majority were happy. For sometime things were smoothing out until certain events started happening at the restaurants. Things that couldn’t be explained such as sometimes the machines would just shut down or malfunction even though they were new or nothing did damage to them, when food was cooked it would still be cold or worse cases rotting, temperatures would randomly decrease to increase extremely, etc. But worse was employees would start complaining about stuff happening to them on the job especially at night. Seeing something in the corner of their eyes, seeing someone in the playpen and when they would check no one was there, strange noises, and sometimes music. A lot of people quit and it started affecting the founder and higher ups of the chain. Reaccuring nightmares, the feeling of being watched, etc. Eventually everything fell apart when the founder just disappeared. The chain shut down and there have been rumors about a curse on the chain.

Some of tried investigating what had happened to the chain and what some have found was not pretty. Ones who got really deep into it exploring some of the abandoned restaurants would start to hear music, Otto’s theme, and slowly realize that Otto is real and was not happy about his forced retirement. The ones who go deep are not really heard from again and sometimes their bodies will be found but they will be cold and have face paint of them, so their faces would look similar to Otto’s.

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