Jennifer in Casual Wear by PierceTheReindeer

Jennifer in Casual Wear


6 February 2019 at 01:04:50 MST

Originally posted on my art blog on April 21st, 2018
I bought this adoptable from terrorseed on tumblr. Jennifer, albino mutt who keeps her distance from others. Was raised in a well off household and would spend a lot of time with her parents when she was younger. Her aunt and uncle would visit too which she enjoyed but they always brought along their daughter, Vera, which would spiral Jennifer’s mental health downwards. Jennifer would be manipulated and bullied by Vera for years, even loosing all of her friends because of her. She felt like she couldn’t do anything about it because Vera knew how to fake being nice super well. She also felt like there was no point to making or keeping friends because they would just leave her and would not protect her from her cousin. Her escape came in her mid teens when her aunt Margaret talked to her parents about how Jennifer could go study at some nice school in her aunt’s area since Jennifer had high grades. Jennifer took it and never returned to her parents’ place. Now she is 32, has completed university, and has a good resume she moved to Kensingley CA for a new job opportunity. Away from her past hopefully. Also, she is albino so she is pretty sensitive to sunlight and was a bit of a sickly child (doesn’t like admitting it though).

I don't like how she came out here and one day I want to draw her again.

You can find terrorseed on tumblr

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