Dewwy Gets Smushed by PieMan24601

Dewwy Gets Smushed


3 May 2019 at 13:07:31 MDT

Commission for okaino featuring foxdemonmukiro

Chris, Dewwy, and Mukiro like to spend some quality "tummy time"together. They'll get their favorite treats, then eat them alllll up, making their bellies full and round. They'll then cuddle up close, rubbing their soft squishy selves together in a pile of friendship and cuddles. It's quite adorable. Here we can see what usually ends up happening at the end of tummy time. Dewwy is so much smaller than the other two, so he often ends up between them, smushed, mushed, and cuddled up against those tummies. It's lovely~

This was really cute and fun to draw, I really had a good time making kitty and I mush on Dewwy~ He's very good at gettin smushed up and you should very much do it to him. nods

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