Winter Munchies Laying Around by PieMan24601

Winter Munchies Laying Around


31 March 2019 at 15:17:32 MDT

This is one of my new OCs, Winter Munchies!

She started out as a joke character I made during one of my streams, but she quickly developed into something much more. You can actually watch a video from the stream that I made here in here:

Winter Munchies is a Pegasus with a very... unfortunate destiny. Unlike other ponies that get their cutie marks in talents like art or music, Munchies got hers in... weed. Munchies's special talent being an expert in cannabis. Whether its growing or smoking it, she knows all there is to know about marijuana.

As you can imagine, this has drastically effected her life. Now weed isn't as frowned upon in Equestra as it is in our world, (There are a LOT more dangerous magical things out there) but ponies can still be rather negative about it. Unfortunately this leads to mostly everypony treating Munchies differently, and it's very hard for her to make friends. She tries her best to run a clean show and live a normal life. All she wants is to have friends who treat her normally, and for ponies to like her for who she is.

Another issue that makes her life difficult is her appetite. When she smokes, she gets VERY hungry. Munchies can often be seen clearing out bakeries, gobbling up whole apple carts, and even swallowing down other ponies! She isn't as ravenous when she's not high, but under the influence, her desire to snack can get out of control. She's usually good about controlling herself, but sometimes she binges, causing lots of trouble for herself later.

I imagine she talks in a monotone voice similar to Maud Pie, but with a bit more emotion. She hangs out a lot with Tree Hugger, and you can probably imagine why.

I'll have more details about munchies in the future, I cannot wait to draw her more. <3

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