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Chussido by Phraggle



25 October 2019 at 17:49:40 MDT

Here's Chussido, one of Enfys Nest's Cloud-Riders from the feature presentation, " Solo, A Star Wars Story ". My rather large, inner nerd was pleased to see a rodian ( or " a Greedo " as George Lucas so insensitively refers to them ), in the movie as the newer Star Wars movies have kinda ignored the aliens from the first 6 movies and were only showing new ones. I just now, at the time of writing this drivel, found out that Chussido is supposed to be female. I'm kinda like... not wanting to adjust to that cuz she doesn't really look feminine to me. Of course, now that I look at what I've drawn, she does kinda resemble Alpha of the Whisperers from TV's the " The Walking Dead ". She normally wears a bag-like mask with too many eye-holes as if it were made by Charlie Brown. It's intimidating. Be intimidated. * glares * Go back and unread all of this. :-)