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Baroosh Pawk by Phraggle

Baroosh Pawk


This is Baroosh Pawk, one of Enfys Nest's Cloud-Riders from " Solo, A Star Wars Story ". *****SPOILER ALERT! DON'T READ PASSED THIS IF'N YA AIN'T SEEN " SOLO, A STAR WARS STORY " RATED PG-13! *** Okay, the movie's been out for over a year but I'm trying to be polite. Baroosh, is the Cloud-Rider that jumps onboard the AT-hauler and kills Rio Durant during the train heist... well he mortally wounds Rio anyway. Rio kills him though so everybody wins! ANYway, the reference on this guy was barely even scanty, so I had to fudge some of his details to satisfy my anal-retentiveness. Hope ya like it cuz he's the first of four Cloud-Riders that I drew back in... July... maybe August, * Homer Simpson whispering * I have a backlog of Star Wars characters so I can do one a week 'til Episode 9 comes out. :-)