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**Just a warning, I'm not very active on here! I have a lot of trouble keeping up with sites....check out my FurAffinity for the most up-to-date stuff!

Phoenix Baldwin : He/Him : Single - Not Looking : 19

I'm a student at the Laguna College of Art and Design, majoring in Game Art.

I love original species! A lot of what you'll see me post is regarding the original planet I've been developing since high school. X)

Feel free to message me to ask about commissions and Art Trades! :)

School status: 3rd Semester!

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Art Trade and Commission Info!

Hello! I'm a college student hoping to help pay for supplies (as well as rent) with any earnings I make. :) I can't currently get any other type of work, so the support is always appreciated!

Let me start this off by saying what I'm good with drawing:

Comfortable and Experienced:
Humans + Animals
Gesture and Personality Drawings
Creature Concepts
Simple Clothing
Feral + Anthropomorphic
Reference sheets / Character turnarounds
Custom Designs

Less Experienced, but Comfortable:
Environment Drawings
Drapery/High detailed clothing
Extremely large or small characters
Various ages of characters
Paw, mouth or body weight focused drawings (non explicit)

Not Comfortable:
Explicit sexual content,
Fetishes such as but not limited to scat, waterworks, vore, and hyper.

If there's something not on this list that you're curious about, feel free to ask me in a note!

I do two kinds of shading - flatcolor and velvet. "Velvet" is shading done with a textured brush that will give more of a soft look to the drawing. Flatcolor also technically has some shading, but it's very basic.

Example of flatcolor:
Example of velvet:

So long as it's something I'm comfortable with, you can commission any kind of piece from me. Quotes can be given out at any time for free, and with no obligation of carrying through the commission. Don't hesitate to note me if you have any questions!

As I have them listed currently, my prices are as follows:

$2 for a Telegram sticker.
$10 for a flat color personality drawing.
$15-$25 for a flat color portrait badge.
$20-$35 for a velvet portrait badge.
$30-$60 for a flat color reference sheet.
$50-$80 for a velvet reference sheet.

For more examples of what each commission type is, please visit my commission info tab, linked below!

So to explain my price ranges more - the base price for any of the ranged options, is for a character with a head, two arms, two legs of any type, and possibly a tail, or horns, or spikes, and simplistic markings. The price goes up depending on character complexity - complicated patterns, lots of gradients, multiple appendages (say four arms, or complex wings, or detailed frills and horns). In the case of reference sheets, the price will also increase if you ask for three or more small sketches, or additional fullbody pictures. By default, reference sheets will have a front, back, and headshot. You can add two small sketches for free - say an eye closeup, a hand closeup, an article of clothing that they love to wear or something of the like). But if you want three or more of these, or a side view, a three-quarter view, or a personality fullbody, then the price will increase.

You can ask to know the cost of a planned commission at any time, so long as you have either a reference sheet, other art, or are prepared to describe your character to me. There's nothing binding about asking what the cost would be, so note me anytime for that! :)

You can repost any commissions/art trades/gifts I do for you! Simply remember to be polite, and don't claim that you drew it yourself.

All payment is done through Paypal - be prepared to give me your e-mail so that I can invoice you!

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