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ESG 2014 Las Vegas - Saberfire & his Ladies by Phar

ESG 2014 Las Vegas - Saberfire & his Ladies


19 May 2014 at 21:11:35 MDT

saberfire and I went to Vegas for ESG2014!
We've both been working non-stop, but he surprised me with a last minute plan, the sneaky dragon. :)

Check out lostwolf123's photo gallery, it was an epic weekend and he's taken some wonderful pictures to commemorate!

Much thanks to mochi, cloudpouncer & fursuiting, tigerpawatl and many many others who made it a great way to destress after a crazy few months.
I sooooo appreciated it!

Photo taken by lostwolf123 (

Fursuits pictured made by fursuiting, dragonsquared, and mixedcandy.